Friday, July 13, 2012

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round & Round

The layout I lifted for this layout can be found in Creative Keepsakes Volume 16 Issue 4 page 89.

Part of the experience in Edinburgh was how we got around, and the hiccups that occurred.  Donna actually asked me the first night why I was taking a picture of us waiting on the bus; because she certainly didn't want to remember that! I told her it was all part of the experience! You have to take the bad with the good! It was the only bad experience we had on this wonderful trip.

The journaling reads:

The public bus transportation was the least expensive, but it was a fiasco from the start.  (Edinburgh is putting in a subway to go to the city, so this shouldn’t be an issue for future visitors.) Sharon had called and e-mailed the company Just the week before we arrived and discussed schedules, terminals, prices, etc.  The Customer service people seemed very helpful, but neglected to tell her that the terminal where we were to start is closed! So we couldn’t use their toilet as planned, and we had to wait outside in the cold wind waiting for the bus which was very late arriving. The bus stopped every 2 minutes on the way into Edinburgh. It seemed to take forever to get there!  We took a taxi to the castle in order to save time and energy since it took us so long to get into Edinburgh.  We said later that it was the wisest decision we made of the day! In the evening we went to the bus stop before the scheduled pick-up time, but we had to wait and wait and wait.  I think we waited an hour and a half or 2 hours for the bus.  While we waited we probably saw 20 Airlink buses pass by on their way to the airport near our hotel. The next day, we went to the airport and rode the Airlink bus into Edinburgh, and when we were ready to go back to the hotel, there was less than a 5 minute wait at their bus stop!  They did stop a few times, but nothing compared to the public bus.  The second day we rode the City Sightseeing bus.  In the picture on the far left, we’re on a bridge! Imagine the engineering feat of hundreds of years ago making a bridge big enough for buildings!

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