Friday, July 13, 2012

Flybaby friends

This was created based on a sketch from The Sketchy Thursday Archives.

So the final page in my Scotland Scrapbook is about my friend Sharon and how we met and have been friends for 10 years.  I've been so thankful for how Flylady has changed my life, and how through her system and groups on the internet I have made some very special friends.  I put the 15 on the clock because Sharon and I clean our houses together for 15 minutes at a time between chatting.  The hearts are because FLYing stands for "Finally Loving Yourself" and the butterflies are for our fluttering wings.  A few years ago, I bought a few pins from the FLY shop, and I took the back off of one to put in the middle  of the flower. 

The journaling reads:

The person who really made this trip as wonderful as it was is Sharon.  If it weren’t for her, we would have been on someone else’s schedule, we would not have seen everything that we did, and would have to see and do things that we weren’t interested in. Sharon did a lot of the itinerary planning and found things for us to see; she rented the car and drove the whole time so if we wanted to stay somewhere longer we did; and if we were too cold then we didn’t have to stay anywhere waiting on anyone.  And if I wanted to stop and take a picture, we were able to pull over and stop!  And when we needed batteries, we found a store. She also bought a bag full of toiletries for each of us to use while we were there so that we were able to put everything we took into carry-on luggage, then charged us just a couple of pounds because she said she knew she’d be taking most of it home at the end of the week.  She also found an old suitcase a friend of hers was tossing out so that we could bring things home in a checked baggage.  And so everything would fit in the compact car, she filled it with the snacks and drinks she had purchased for us to use during week.  Sharon and I met on an MSN group, flybabies. We had both signed up for Flylady in 2002 and due to our schedules were often cleaning our houses together for years.  We got to know each other well and are there to listen in good times and bad. 

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