Sunday, July 8, 2012

Duntulm Castle

sorry for the poor scan.
We only had time to stop here due to the adverse weather conditions. It isn’t a big tourist attraction, and the path to the castle isn’t marked. There were two paths once inside the fence which kept the sheep on the cliff; Donna and Sharon followed the one leading to the left and down, Mary Rose and I took the one up the hill which I thought should lead to the ruins. The castle is unstable, and everyone is advised to not go in the fence surrounding it. I was heading to the castle when I saw the rainbow and then it started hailing. There wasn’t any shelter in the field and I learned that Hail, even the little pieces, hurts. It was a fitting weather condition for the day that started with a blizzard, then led to Mostly sunny, beautiful Blue skies, and had periods of rain . The only constant weather condition was wind.

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