Friday, July 13, 2012

National Museum of Scotland

I've liked the look of a collage of photos a lot the last few months, and since I've discovered Picasa, I love being able to print more than one photo on a 4x6.

The journaling here reads:

There was so much to see at the National Museum of Scotland, we could have spent all day there if we had the time.  The only section we toured was the Scottish section.  We started with a pictish tour., and then went to the beginning where Mary Rose watched videos about how the seas parted the land and glaciers melted, leaving lochs of salt water, etc. 
I was more interested in the historical items upstairs.  There was a replica of Mary, Queen of Scots’ casket, and the actual crib used for James the VII of Scotland, a.k.a. James the I of England.  There was a Viking grave, a hall devoted to coins, how they were made, and counterfeited, weapons, horns, jewelry worn by Mary, queen of Scots, and jewelry discovered by a man with a metal detector.. According to the tour guide, the slashes On the side of one if the standing stones are letters.  The fish-head looking items are war horns that only a few people can play; Sharon said that she has actually heard someone play a tune on one before.  It was very cool to see a loom where a tartan was being made.  It looks very complicated.  There were a couple of pieces of tartan on display that were worn by Bonnie Prince Charlie at the Battle of Culloden which we visited the day before.  The mannequin dressed in tartan from head to toe looked very funny; it looked like an adult wearing a diaper.  The Kilt is much sexier. 

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