Saturday, November 19, 2016

Be Amazing Blog Hop

Welcome to the Amazing Journey Blog Hoppers Hop! This month’s theme is Be Amazing. I'm so happy you're hoppin' along! If you arrived here from Lisa’s blog, you're on the right track. If not, that's ok too! Just continue the hop and you'll come full circle!

I've heard so much about events that Fun Stampers Journey puts on, I just had to see for myself.
I got to go with someone who signed up under me, and a friend of mine who lives in Orlando was able to join us for the public portion!  It was so much fun!  the first day was a training session for coaches, and the second day was for everyone.  There was shopping and food and a photo room with special lights, and make and takes.  I came away with pictures of at least 50 different cards I can make with the Be Amazing collection, a couple of stamp sets, and wonderful memories.

Speaking of memories, my first papercrafting love was scrapbooking, so my project features a page using our scrapbooking products.

I should probably mention that over the years with experience, I've become a paper snob.  I do not like using thin patterned paper or cardstock.  Don't get me wrong, it's still pretty, but I just don't like working with it now.  I like for the background to be able to stand up by itself with layers and embellishments.   The reason I mention this is because you can't touch and feel my papers and card stock.  The paper is of a good quality and has a nice weight.  The card stock from FSJ is very sturdy.  I love that I can get it in 12x12 packs, and at 12 sheets for  $5.95 is not a bad price; and a great variety of colors.

I love it when I can get matching card stock for patterned paper!  Lucky for me, all of the FSJ patterned paper just so happens to match the card stock colors that they have.

I used Turbo Teal card stock for the background, but wanted it to reflect the mood of the party, so I splattered the background with silks, Orange Rave, Cosmic Grape, Sour Lemon and Electric Lime.

The picture with Richard and Gabby had a lot of negative space on it, so it was perfect to use with one of the Amazing Layers overlays. we used a lot of the sequins on cards at the event, and they were perfect for decorating a Be Amazing Day Card (which I cut in half so I could use on both pages) and for adding to an embellishment from the Be Amazing Prints.

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Blog hop list: 
1. Betsye Rose Cimino Erazo

Supplies used on my project: 
Sour Lemon Silk
Cosmic Grape Silk
Orange Rave Silk
Electric Lime Silk
Be Amazing Printed Paper
Amazing Layers
Be Amazing Day Cards
Amazing Trim
Sparkle Trim
Turbo Teal 12 x 12
Amazing Prints
Journey Glaze 4 oz.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Faith Journey Blog Hop

Welcome to the Amazing Journey Blog Hoppers Hop! This month’s theme is Faith Journey.  I'm so happy you're hoppin' along! If you arrived here from Becky's blog, you're on the right track. If not, that's ok too! Just continue the hop and you'll come full circle!

I have loved Tim Holtz' Crazy birds for a long time, and was so excited to see the Pretty Birds ATS. I love how cute these are, and I can  look at the ideas I've saved to use with the Crazy birds and use it for my Pretty Birds if I'm ever stuck.  To color this bird, I used the Rich Sorbets PanPastels; they are so easy to blend together.

Of course the birds are cute, but I think what makes them work are the words on the card and the backgrounds.  For the background, I stamped the Ink Splat ATS with the Cool Pool True Color Fusion Ink Pad, Pineapple Smoothie True Color Fusion Ink Pad, and the Pretty Amethyst True Color Fusion Ink Pad, then I added a few Rainbow Drops  with Journey Glaze.

The scripture is from the Faith Journey collection Trust the Lord Stamp Set.  I firmly believe in this saying.  He is the Great "I Am".   He can fulfill every need that I have.  It may not be on my time schedule, and I may think some of my wants are needs, but He knows best. The older I become and the more experience I have, the more I see the validity in this statement.

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1. Betsye Rose Cimino Erazo
2.  Karen Seifert 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Beautiful Wings Blog Hop

 Welcome to the Amazing Journey Blog Hoppers Hop! This month we are featuring the Beautiful Wings stamp set SS-0353. I'm so happy you're hoppin' along! If you arrived here from Karen’s blog, you're on the right track. If not, that's ok too! Just continue the hop and you'll come full circle!

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I've been seeing spinner cards, and thought that this would be a perfect time to try one out, and put my own spin on it. LOL. 
The first step I took was to use (outside in) Piercing element, die element, die element, and piercing element from the Journey Circles Die Set [DI-0039].  This gave me a center circle for the sentiment with the added dimension of the holes pierced, a ring which I could have tossed (but didn't), and a frame for the rest of the front of the card.
Here's a tip for when using the piercing elements: before peeling the cardstock off the piercing element, flip it over and look to see if you can see little green dots or colored bumps.  If you see colored bumps, use the Bloom Tool [TO-0073] (20% off this month) with the spatula end and lightly flick off the colored bumps. 

This is how it should look before peeling the card stock from the piercing element. 

Stamp the sentiment you would like on the center circle.  Seeing this picture reminds me, FSJ also has blocks on sale this month.  One side is smooth, and the other side has an etched grid, and all four sides are grooved for an easy grip.

Next, position the frame on the card base where you want it BUT DO NOT GLUE IT DOWN YET!  This is just to help place the next step perfectly.

Adhere the ring directly onto the card base using the large panel as a guide for the placement.

Remove the frame, leaving only the ring at this point. 

Put Foam Squares (psst, another sale item) on the back of the circle you stamped the sentiment on and adhere to the card base in the middle of the ring. 

Place the frame in an embossing folder of your choosing and emboss. 

 Put a round pop-up in the middle of two pennies and adhere to the butterfly. 

Add Foam squares to the frame, being careful to not get too close to the circle cut out of the middle and place on card base around the ring.

Slide pennies into the open space above the ring so that the pennies are on both sides of the circle and the frame.

1. Betsye Rose Cimino Erazo

Friday, August 26, 2016

Robin Holiday

This background looks like a green piece of paper, but it's Whip cream cardstock. The Pan Pastels make it easy to create amazing backgrounds in no time flat with background stamps. Every time time I do this technique, a song from the 80's starts playing in my head, I can hear Shawn Cassidy singing "Do you believe in magic"

To do this technique, ink a stamp with Clear Pigment ink and then using a Sofft tool, rub PanPastel into the paper.  Quick, easy, and amazing!

Of course, another technique that I think is magic to this day is heat embossing.  I just love how the powder melts before my eyes.  I have discovered over the years that some powders are hard to tell when they have melted, but not FSJ powders.  I don't know what's different about them, but the difference is very easy to see as it melts.

Isn't this Robin pretty?  It is the small one in the set.  There is so much detail in this stamp, but it's only available to purchase until September 30th. There is also a die that matches it, and you can even buy it as a bundle for a discount.  

We used Journey Color Burst Pure Color Pencils to color it in, and then used Tortillions and baby oil to blur the pencil lines.

We made this in class last night, and I think the ladies loved it.  Don't they look like they were having fun?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Christmas Wishes

I have a couple of customers who bought this set before it was retired.  I love the set myself, so when they asked me to do Christmas cards with it for one of the make and takes tomorrow night, I agreed.  I'm adding some current items which will justify using it as the make and take.  Fresh Forrest card-stock, Cranberry Bliss card-stock, Whip Cream card-stock, Holiday Sequins, silver sequins, Gel Medium, Stencils, Sparkle Ribbon, and of course the inks.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Proverbs 3:5

This is the 6th card in a series I've done using color splashes and stamp sets in the Faith Journey collection.  This sentiment is from the Trust the Lord [SS-0365] set.  To cut the verse out, I simply used a pencil and traced around the stamp itself before stamping the sentiment and then cut along the pencil lines.

Journey Thread Black Licorice [AC-0129]
Card base: Blue Lagoon 8.5 x 11 Cardstock [CS-0004]
Color Splashes: Turbo Teal Splash  [IP-0125], Electric Lime Splash [IP-0121], and Blue Lagoon Color Splash [IP-0084]

To purchase items to reproduce this card, go to

Monday, August 22, 2016

Twisty Turvy boy quilt

There's a cute young couple at church expecting their first child next month and I decided to make a baby blanket for him.  I found out they were doing a nautical theme and went looking for material.  Whew, cannot believe the options out there!  So of course I had to message the future aunt and find out the color scheme...and find their registry online to make sure I didn't clash with things they were getting.  I found some really cute nautical prints at Spool.
 But before I went to Spool, I went to Pins and Needles because they told me on the phone that they had some nautical fabrics.  Turns out, they only had one; I got enough for the back of the quilt.
 This is what the quilt looked like at 4 am the morning of the baby shower.  I decided to present it to them at the baby shower and then be an indian giver and take it back for a week.
That week turned into about a month, but I still got the finished product to them before the baby was born, and that's what counts, right?  I did a stitch in the ditch for the center panel quilting, but then did a wave stitch around the border.  Definitely not perfect, but I think it's pretty good for a beginner on a domestic machine.

You might notice that there was a blue and white stripe in the original stack of fabrics, but when I put that up against the backing, they did not play well together.  Luckily I had some fabric that I had originally chosen for my niece's quilt at Christmas; but I decided that I didn't like it, so I bought some different fabrics.  I decided that this went well with the twisty turvy design and the color scheme.

I just hope they overlook the areas where the machine messed up on the back just a little.

Matthew 19:26

This is the 5th card in a series I've done using color splashes and stamp sets in the Faith Journey collection.  This sentiment is from the Trust the Lord [SS-0365] set.  To cut the verse out, I simply used a pencil and traced around the stamp itself before stamping the sentiment and then cut along the pencil lines.

The Journey Thread Whip Cream [AC-0128] was used to balance the card.  
Card base: Deep Lilac 8.5x11 Cardstock[CS-0096] 
Color Splashes: Cosmic Grape Splash[IP-0120], Electric Lime Splash[IP-0121], and Outrageous Pink Splash[IP-0123]

To purchase items to reproduce this card, go to

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Outdoor Fun with Fun Stampers Journey

Welcome to the Amazing Journey Blog Hoppers Hop! This month’s theme is Outdoor Fun.  I'm so happy you're hoppin' along! If you arrived here from Ruth’s blog, you're on the right track. If not, that's ok too! Just continue the hop and you'll come full circle!"

One of my favorite things about Fun Stampers Journey is their price point. You can get this high quality red rubber stamp for less than $8.  That is a win in my book!  An even better win is being able to get it for free when hosting a party with me.

I also love that they have a mixed media line for me to play with. The background on this card was created by simply applying modeling paste with the falling petals stencil and sprinkling with Sparkle Dust while it was still wet.

The coloring that I added to the stamped image is with Pan Pastels. Fun Stampers Journey has a partnership with this company so that we have colors that match our line.

My most favorite product Fun Stampers Journey has is the dies with the piercing elements. I love that I can just cut, or just have the holes poked, or I can have both. More often than not I choose both.

Full Blog Roll:
Supplies used on this card:
Stay Wild [AT-0207]
Journey Modeling Paste [JM-0073]
Journey Sparkle Dust [AC-0013]
Rich Sorbets PanPastels [JM-0082]
Journey Ovals [DI-0042]
Deep Lilac 8.5x11 Cardstock [CS-0096]
Fresh Forest True Color Fusion Ink Pad [IP-0013]
Journey Thread Lemongrass [AC-0132]

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mark 5:36

This is the 4th card in a series I've done using color splashes and stamp sets in the Faith Journey collection.  This sentiment is from the Trust the Lord [SS-0365] set.  I wanted to add an embellishment or two to this, but the sequins I tried were kind of overwhelming the card, but the Rainbow drops blend nicely with the background.  Card base: Orange Rave 8.5X11 [CS-0124] Color Splashes: Orange Rave Splash[IP-0122], Sour Lemon Splash[IP-0124], and Sweet Berry Color Splash[IP-0086]

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Friday, August 19, 2016

John 14:8

3rd day of the Faith Journey Color Splash series.

I've seen a lot of sayings that All I/you need is ____.  While those things might be nice and may even make you happy for a little while, God is the only one who can supply all my needs.  I am blessed beyond measure, and this sentiment from Trust the Lord[SS-0365] says it all.
Supplies used: Electric Lime Splash [IP-0121], Orange Rave Splash [IP-0122], Sour Lemon Splash [IP-0124], Cosmic Grape Splash [IP-0120], Journey Gold- Embossing Powder [IP-0101], Clear Pigment Ink Pad [IP-0102], Color Splash Sheets [JM-0076], and Sour Lemon 8.5X11 [CS-0126] .

To purchase items to recreate this card, please visit

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Joshua 1:9

I like to jokingly say that 'Glitter is my signature color'.  I truly love how shiny the Journey Sparkle Dust[AC-0013] is.  For this card, I mixed Blue Lagoon Acrylic Paint[JM-0018] with Journey Modeling Paste [JM-0073] and applied with Starburst Lines- Stencil[JM-0007] using a Spatula[TO-0089].  I put the blue Rainbow Drops[AC-0178] in the large blank areas and stamped the sentiment from Through the Storm [SS-0364] with Blue Lagoon True Color Fusion Ink Pad[IP-0002] and cut out with a Journey Ovals[DI-0042]. I used Blue Lagoon 8.5 x 11 Card stock[CS-0004] for the card base.

To order the items to recreate this card, go to

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Psalm 78:7

Super quick and simple yet artistic backgrounds are easy to make when you use Color Splash sprays by Fun Stampers Journey! I will be doing a series of cards using splashes and Faith Journey stamps.  I hope you enjoy the series!

The colors used here are Outrageous Pink Splash [IP-0123], Cosmic Grape Splash [IP-0120], and Shimmer Gold Color Splash [IP-0081]. I used Sour Lemon 8.5X11 [CS-0126] for the card base and on which to stamp the sentiment from the Through the Storm [SS-0364] set.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Thank you Dahlia blooms.

This weekend, I went to Atlanta to teach a Silhouette class, and then I stayed to have a meeting with my Fun Stampers Journey downline. 

I made several cards with the color splashes, and there was one sheet of background that I didn't like, so I did a little trick; I stamped it with the Dahlia blooms set and heat embossed it. I was very happy with the results. I wanted the flower to really pop, so I put it on a black licorice card base. Then for the sentiment, I used a Bloom Benefits!

The best thing about this card is that it has already been given away! I added a quick note to the inside and gave it to the best dog sitter in the world. She sends me videos of Sunny every morning and evening.

To buy the items to reproduce this card, go to

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Silent Night in Turbo Teal

I wish you could see all the sparkle on this card.  It's definitely not a traditional Christmas card, even though it does have a couple of traditional elements.  Such as sequins.  I remember Christmas balls that Grandma made with sequins and Styrofoam.  They were so pretty.  I've started one or two, but they take so long to make that I never finished.  Sequins are such a great addition to any homemade decoration. The Fun Stampers Journey Sequins Special Celebration come in a little jar and there are 3 different sizes in that jar.  There's no telling how many are in that jar, I've had several make and takes with them, and the jar still looks full. I bought the Tinsel Trim not knowing what I was going to do with it, but could not resist such a cute tiny replica of the traditional Christmas decoration!  Unfortunately, the stars are retired, but they were a bloom benefit for the previous catalog.  So easy to attach with Journey Glaze 2 oz.  And oh my goodness, this Oh Holy Bundle stamp set with matching dies is a thing of beauty! I stamped this sentiment with the Turbo Teal Ink Pad and attached it to the card with Journey Foam Squares.

The background was the easy part. Place one Color Splash Sheet in the bottom of a card board box. Take Shimmer Silver Color Splash and Turbo Teal Splash (be sure to shake the silver splash until you hear the mixing ball and the sediment is not on the bottom of the bottle, but mixed in) and just do one spray of each from 10-12 inches away.  I got the streaks by scraping the card against the flap of the box while the spray was still wet.  

Since I used the Turbo Teal ink and spray, I attached the Color Splash Sheet to some Turbo Teal 8.5X11 card stock cut in half.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Merry Christmas in July

There are times when I need a quick, simple card.  Christmas is one of those times for me becasue I make so many.  This is as simple as they come!  I used the Punch Handle and 1" Square Punch to create squares from the very cute, limited edition, 'Tis The Season Prints.  I mounted those on a 3 1/2" square of Kiwi Slice 8.5 x 11 Cardstock.

Three of the squares were pop-dotted with Journey Foam Squares - medium.  The 3 1/2" square was attached with some Journey Foam Squares - small.

Then I used the Holiday Cord Trio.  Isn't it so pretty with all the colors of a traditional Christmas twisted together for me?  I love how much I get on a roll. so far, I've gotten 40 cards out of one roll, and there's still more on the roll!

To finish out the front of the card, I stamped Merry Christmas in Kiwi Slice True Color Fusion Ink Pad, using a Bloom Benefit that has two stamps:

Anyone who spends $50 in product at can get this for free.  And if one spends another $50, they can get the die cut for free too!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Christmas in July

Welcome to our Fun Stampers Journey "Christmas in July" Blog Hop! I'm so happy you're hoppin' along! This is the first stop on the hop, but if you arrived from another blog, just keep hoping until you come full circle.

It's almost crazy to think about Christmas when the temperatures are in the triple digits, but I get to longing for cooler weather, and remembering that I need to get started on this year's Christmas cards. I make a couple hundred, so I have to start early.  Lucky for me, the Fun Stampers Journey new catalog and seasonal mini catalog have some amazing stamp sets that I love!

I'm especially partial to stamp sets that celebrate the birth of Jesus, and what better way to begin a series of Christmas cards than with an angel who announced the birth of Christ?

This is a simple, yet elegant card. It honestly didn't take long to make, which makes it a perfect card. I began with a piece of Whip cream cardstock and applied a Blue and a metallic silver Pan Pastel which has a new partnership with Fun Stampers Journey.

If you've never heard of Pan Pastel, it's an oil based chalk that is  highly pigmented (loaded with color). It goes on the cardstock very smoothly and you can blend it or layer it, or stamp an image with our clear pigment ink and them rub it on your focal panel.

Fun Stampers Journey four sets with seven colors each

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