Saturday, September 17, 2016

Beautiful Wings Blog Hop

 Welcome to the Amazing Journey Blog Hoppers Hop! This month we are featuring the Beautiful Wings stamp set SS-0353. I'm so happy you're hoppin' along! If you arrived here from Karen’s blog, you're on the right track. If not, that's ok too! Just continue the hop and you'll come full circle!

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I've been seeing spinner cards, and thought that this would be a perfect time to try one out, and put my own spin on it. LOL. 
The first step I took was to use (outside in) Piercing element, die element, die element, and piercing element from the Journey Circles Die Set [DI-0039].  This gave me a center circle for the sentiment with the added dimension of the holes pierced, a ring which I could have tossed (but didn't), and a frame for the rest of the front of the card.
Here's a tip for when using the piercing elements: before peeling the cardstock off the piercing element, flip it over and look to see if you can see little green dots or colored bumps.  If you see colored bumps, use the Bloom Tool [TO-0073] (20% off this month) with the spatula end and lightly flick off the colored bumps. 

This is how it should look before peeling the card stock from the piercing element. 

Stamp the sentiment you would like on the center circle.  Seeing this picture reminds me, FSJ also has blocks on sale this month.  One side is smooth, and the other side has an etched grid, and all four sides are grooved for an easy grip.

Next, position the frame on the card base where you want it BUT DO NOT GLUE IT DOWN YET!  This is just to help place the next step perfectly.

Adhere the ring directly onto the card base using the large panel as a guide for the placement.

Remove the frame, leaving only the ring at this point. 

Put Foam Squares (psst, another sale item) on the back of the circle you stamped the sentiment on and adhere to the card base in the middle of the ring. 

Place the frame in an embossing folder of your choosing and emboss. 

 Put a round pop-up in the middle of two pennies and adhere to the butterfly. 

Add Foam squares to the frame, being careful to not get too close to the circle cut out of the middle and place on card base around the ring.

Slide pennies into the open space above the ring so that the pennies are on both sides of the circle and the frame.

1. Betsye Rose Cimino Erazo


Christine Pennington said...

Morning Betsye! First of the colors are fabulous. Second... I love that you included photos of the step. Such a fun card. --Christine

Wilma said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial. Your steps are clear and explained so well. I've been wanting to try a spinner card, so this is a perfect inspiration.

Penny Hanuszak said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. Appreciated. This is a beautiful card.

Angelartistok said...

Fabulous card & love the step by step instructions in the tutorial.

Becky said...

A spinner card is perfect for this set. Love the colors!

Lois Mccutcheon said...

Oh, I want to try this!

Deborah Daniels said...

Beautiful colors!!! I love spinner cards thank you for the tutorial to make them. I have to try it!

Lisa Kmiec said...

Great card and great technique!

Karen Schroeder said...

Wow! I love your card! Your color choice is perfect!! I've never made a spinner card, but with your step-by-step directions, I'm going to try.