Monday, July 9, 2012

Mary King's Close

The sketch I used for this layout is here.

The cameo is from Webster's pages. It and the flower were given to me by my friend Kimberly.  The bling flourish is a piece from a page of flourishes I bought at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.  The paper is by Me & My Big Ideas; it's their halloween collection which I thought was appropriate for a spooky picture taken underground. 

I cut the title from a survey card they have.  This is a large  photo, and I wish that they offered a smaller size, but it's one size, one price.  I could have scanned it and made it smaller for my layout; but then what would I do with the original?

The journaling says:

Hidden deep beneath the Royal Mile lies Edinburgh’s deepest secret; a warren of hidden ‘closes’ or streets where real people lived, worked, and died. We took a 7:2o pm tour and heard about murders, plague, ghosts, cattle, and sewage

Donna said it wasn't like any ghost tour she had ever been on before; but it was a lot like the ghost tours I've been on.  Guides telling the stories of the people who used to live here, with a reference to ghosts and experiences.

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