Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scottish Road Trip

The layout which inspired this one can be found in Creative Keepsakes Volume 16 issue 8 page 28-29 1 Car + 4 Women + 6 days + almost 1,000 miles = the road trip of a lifetime! Sharon rented a Meriva Turbo and picked it up the day before she picked us up at the airport. The car with suicide doors, was very spacious. and had a display on the dash which told us how cold it was outside, what road we were on, the time, and what was playing on the radio. Wish I had a Meriva! I sat in the front with the camera; Donna and Mary Rose in the back seat with the luggage that wouldn’t fit in the boot. There were a lot of things that stand out about the trip. The road signs, round-abouts instead of 4 way stops. The one lane 2 way roads with ‘lay by’s, the gas is bought by the liter instead of the gallon, (and with the conversion rate, they pay about $10 a gallon, but the car had excellent gas mileage!) There were several things that I think America would be wise to adopt. When they have road construction, they have portable redlights! Instead of paying for someone to stand in the road to let people by, they have red lights with sensors on them. Another thing about their red lights; before it turns green, the yellow light comes on with the red light so that you know before it happens that it’s about to turn green.

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