Saturday, May 26, 2012

Betsye, did you get that?

For Christmas this year, my big present was a new camera. I knew that it would be the most practical item for our vacation of a lifetime. Mary Rose had her i-phone, Donna had her mother-in-law’s camera, and Sharon had a nice point and shoot. I was not Able to afford a DSLR, but was able to get a very nice upgrade from my previous camera. It’s a Fuji Finepix S3280 with 14 Mega pixels and a 24x optical zoom. It has many different settings, including a panoramic setting that I used a lot in Scotland because there was just too much to fit on one picture! On skye, there was an incredible view around every curve, and the roads were very winding. Most of the pictures I took as Sharon was driving down the road, but she occasionally stopped or slowed if the opportunity presented and the scene was particularly incredible. She did say if she stopped every time I wanted to take a picture, we’d never get anywhere, lol. I tried to be considerate of the schedule we had worked out and was still able to get some incredible shots! Mary Rose and Donna were very good about pointing things out to me to make sure we got the necessary pictures! By the time we got home, there were almost 4,000 pictures between the 4 cameras. The layout that I lifted for this page is in Creative Keepsakes Volume 15 Issue 6 Page 31

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