Monday, May 21, 2012

Dashing Through the Snow

One of the first things Sharon did when we got up at Morag’s lodge was check the weather and road conditions. She was assured that the roads to the north where we were headed were better than they were to the south, so we ate breakfast, got a lunch, and headed out. About 10-15 min up the road, we came to the realization that it got worse before it would get better. Most of the time, the road conditions were fine, but there were a couple of spots where Sharon was thinking she was going to have to turn around and drive back through the snow. We decided that if we could just get to Benin Edra, we’d just skip the other things on the Isle of skye we had planned on seeing and just relax and watch the snow and hope that we could leave tomorrow. Fortunately, it had not snowed on Skye and we were able to see everything we had planned, and had time for more because it was so cold we weren’t lingering to enjoy the scenery as we had planned.

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