Saturday, July 9, 2016

Mist Comparison

Saturday is play day for those of us who work M-F full time.  And what better way to play than to experiment?  I always loved science experiments.

As I begin this experiment, I know how I HOPE the results are going to turn out, but since it is an experiment, I am open to surprises.

What kind of experiment could I do you ask?  Let's just say I've been cleaning in my scraproom for a few weeks (seems like I still have a year of weekends left to clean before it's done) and discovered that I have sooo many spray mists by different companies.  I've selected multiple blues for today's experiment.  I've thought about putting some of the mists/sprays that are non-FSJ in the Salvation Army crop sale room, but I have a hard time letting go of things.  But today I decided to 'compare' the mists.  For the experiment, I will 
  1. use the same paper for every mist 
  2. use the same stencil for every mist 
  3. use the same distance, or as close to the same as I can humanly do
  4. make sure the mist is spraying correctly before spraying onto the experiment.
 Here's the set-up.  A box that brought me stuff from Amazon yesterday, the Vintage Screen- Stencil which still has paint on it from the last make-and-take I did with it, and a piece of Neenah white cardstock.  I also did a spray at half the distance and without a stencil.

The First spray I tried was something called Memories Mist.  I was pleasantly surprised by this one, and I love the soft color that it gives.  It's like a pastel true blue, and looks powdery on the paper.

The second   spray I tried was the distress Ink.  I was not at all surprised by this result.  One Spray gave good coverage, and I really like how it looks without a stencil too!

I was so disappointed by the results that I got spraying the glimmer mist 3 times, I can hardly see the stencil design.
Spraying the Glimmer Mist without the stencil was a disappointment as well, but I did get a few cool splatters.
Mister Huey was a great Surprise.  it has good coverage with just one spray.  When I sprayed without the stencil, I could literally see it dry, it was so quick.

I wish I were surprised by the lack of color saturation with Shimmer Spray after 2 sprays, but I am not. I will point out that of all the sprays I tried today, this has the most shimmer/shine on the page.

Perfect Pearls did show up on the page, but not as much, and the one that I sprayed without the stencil just made the paper look dirty. If that's the look you're going for, it would be great.

I was not disappointed by the FSJ Splash spray. Lots of saturated color with just one spray. I did learn that if you spray too closely (as I did due to moving half the distance for all the sprays when spraying without the stencil) that there's so much color that it pools up. I think there would have been a larger area covered if I had sprayed from farther away.

I was so shocked at the lack of color from the Prima mist with the stencil. I know the green shows up much better. I sprayed this three times because it just didn't look like it was working, but the paper was wet.  It did look better without the stencil.

Thanks for looking at my blog post. I shall be using the mists more now.

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