Sunday, November 3, 2013

Productive Crop

I had a very productive day at the Choo-Choo scrappers' crop yesterday.  I completed almost 10 layouts on my sisters' Scotland scrapbook.  They really want it for Christmas, and I'd like to finish it too :)

Pg 28 Eilan Donan
Pg 29 Eilan Donan
Pg 30 Loch Ness
Pg 31 Loch Ness
Pg 32 Urquhart
Pg 33 Urquhart
Pg 34 Clava Cairns
Pg 35 Clava Cairns
Pg 36 Culloden I learned a couple of techniques accidentally yesterday...beveling the text to make it appear 3-dimensional (Urquhart), and how easy it is to create an outline for text or photos (Clava Cairns).

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