Sunday, October 2, 2011

2007 Family Camp

This may have been my favorite camping trip, no stress, no preparation on our part, we weren't in charge of anything, we just went and had fun. Because I really wanted to remember that on this layout, this needed a lot of journaling, and I had typed it up and tried to print it, but my printer was out of ink, and I had to have it finished before I could do another page, so I simply hand wrote it. I wanted the journaling to be the focus of the page, so I used the bright yellow pp that is in this collection, it really draws the eyes. The next place your eyes want to go is to the same yellow pp which was used for the word "Camp". These words on the left is a 'subway art' design from the online silhouette store. I made it taller for the design of the page, but did not make it wider, which gave it a little bit of a stretched out look. And then on the bottom, I used a Martha Stewart punch that didn't look too girly from the same yellow pp as I used for the word "Camp" and for the journalling, which leads the eye back to the large circle. For the large circular shape, I had to get a plate from the kitchen, but that wasn't quite as large as I wanted, but I used my largest Magic Matter to draw the circle that I cut out with the Fiskar's Fingertip knife on a glass cutting board. The layout still needed something. I'm in the mood for stripes lately, so even though the pagemaps sketch didn't have the strip at the top of the wide pp, I added it. It made it better, but there was still something I could do to make it better...I almost got out the sewing machine to stitch a zig zag around the circle, but decided instead to use my smallest Magic Matter to doodle around the circle and the elements on the page at the top.

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