Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today began the way yesterday ended, dark and storming. I found myself envying the male’s ability to pee in a bottle because I had to go out in the dark storm to use the bathroom. I took the short-cut of a small path to the out-house and I wish now that I hadn’t because I got some poison oak on my ankles. The rain lightened up a little about 7:30 or 8. But then when we started cooking breakfast it poured again. There was only one dutch oven to cook all the biscuits, so I suggested frying them. Since it was my idea, and I was the only one who knew how, I wound up cooking them. Alex cooked the eggs, and Dwayne cooked the gravy and sausage. Everyone was full afterwards. While the scouts worked on the rest of the paperwork for the canoeing merit badge, I went back to my tent and read some more Stephen King. About 11 o’clock, the sky was blue and the rain was gone, and everyone was preparing to go out on the lake again. I debated going or staying, and decided that the reason I had gone to start with was to canoe, so I got a life jacket and made Alex go in the boat with me. When we flipped the canoe over to put it into the water, there were 2 baby catfish about 3 inches long in the boat…as well as a spider easily that big. We went all over Parksville lake. It was supposed to have been just a 5 mile trip, but I’m thinking it was more like a 5 mile trip each way! But it was fun, and Alex and I worked well together. I think we’re ready for the Nantahala. I found myself wishing we had a canoe or a duckie so we could go anytime we wanted. We got home at 5:45, I took a quick shower and went to church. Alex took his shower and got to church before the sermon began. After church, Alex went with the youth to play Ultimate Frisbee and I stayed home and caught up on some forums on the internet and Farm Town.

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