Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today I took off work early and went home and cooked Taco soup, then Alex and I went to pick up cody cienkus and we went to Parksville Lake to camp and canoe with the Boy Scouts. Dwayne and Jenny were already there with Josh and his little sister & her friend. I was not informed that this was a family camp-out. Oh well. The boys about got my big tent set up when we discovered that while it was at Deana’s that the things at the bottom that secure the poles were torn off. Luckily Dwayne had some troop tents along so I could sleep in one of those. Since we arrived early, Alex and I took a canoe and went exploring. It is beautiful up here, and Alex commented on that more than once. I hope he remembers that trip in years to come. I feel blessed to be able to give him an experience like this. Other people didn’t start arriving until 8:30…and they were setting up camp when I decided to call it a night at 9:15.

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