Monday, September 15, 2014


Last night a sweet lady at church went to her heavenly home. I needed a sympathy card, and wound up making a few because you never know when you'll need one.
My favorite stamp set for a sympathy card is Thoughts and Prayers by Stampin' Up, so I got that out and my distress markers. When I want different colors of ink on an image, this is the best way to achieve that look. 

I just love the detail that this technique gives. It looks like I stamped 4 different times.
I stamped the sentiment using the dark green marker I used on the leaves, I added some bling to the flowers, did a little diecutting and embossing tied a ribbon and glued everything together.


Laura said...

Very pretty card - like everything about it - the stamping is really well done and the sentiment is perfect.
I found you from the Paperclipping forum(eek I promise I'm not a stalker!) and had a question . You mentioned you were going with an IPhone - did you have a smart phone before? Do you like the iPhone better? We will be getting a new phone plan and I have only had a smart phone for two years and can't decide whether to go to an iPhone or stay android. I currently have a pretty basic bottom of the line one so anything will be an upgrade but so many people gush over iPhones so I am having a tough time deciding...
As a scrapbooker do you think one is way better than the other.
Hey thanks for your time if you get a chance to reply!

Betsye Rose said...

I got the iPhone because I could tell that the pictures my son took were so much better than the ones I took with my android, and so I could listen to my iTunes. My iPod disappeared a couple of years ago and I never replaced it, but have really missed it. It also made it easier for me to listen to the roundtables.