Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This was a funny story that makes me smile even today, 16 years later... "One spring day when Mishal was about 9 months old, we decided to go to Lake Winnepesauka for a day of fun. Mama volunteered to go and keep an eye on Mishal while we rode the rides. Once when we went to check on them, Christopher saw Mama with her face buried in a book as was typical and decided to play a trick on her. He snuck up, took the stroller with Mishal in it, brought it over to where I hid behind a couple of things, and then went back over to Mama, and said, “Suegra! Where’s Mishal?” You can imagine the look of shock and then horror that crossed her face. He didn’t let it last long and laughed and told her what he had done. But it so easily could have happened for real…we laughed about that and brought it up for years." I'm going to have to give my friend Suzette the credit for this even getting scrapped. She hosted a challenge where we had to use Teal as the main color, and none of the pictures I had ready to scrap looked good on the teal, so I pulled out Mishal's baby photo album and found these. Then I had to find a sketch, and chose one from Pagemaps Feb 2011. I thought it was really appropriate with the flags, they are so perfect for a fair or an amusement park. But then I had trouble cutting out a banner that looked good, so I turned to my Silhouette and found the 3 banners file and picked out the one that scoops 3 times and cut strips of pp and attached those to the cutting mat at the same time and cut multiple copies of the file, then I deleted all but one of them, created a shadow and cut that out in white. I cut apart the different pp's of the banner and glued the different patterns together. Then I used some of the scraps to make the flags on the circle on the top right. I printed the journaling on vellum and used scrapper's spray to adhere it, and then punched the butterflies in vellum and pp. Another facet to Suzette's challenge was to put something upside down on the page, so I put an upside down question mark at the beginning of the title because in Spanish grammar, a question not only ends with a question mark, but begins with an upside down question mark...and Christopher was the one asking the question. I had left my big shot over at Donna's the other night, and didn't have it to cut the parenthesis shape, but I really wanted one, so I cut it out by hand. Definitely not as smooth and quick as doing it with the die. Thanks for looking!


Hannah said...

Great LO, I love the way it holds a great and funny memory for you. Love the colours and bunting. Thanks for playing along and sharing the humour at TPV this week :)

Rachel said...

great story to share-definitely a great one to scrap! thanks for playing at TPV!!!