Monday, December 7, 2009


I was too lazy to go to church this morning. Not quite sure what's wrong with me. But I did do a load of clothes and take a shower and cooked lunch before church was out, and I addressed envelopes and stuffed them with the Christmas cards which I made with Alex and Mishal Friday.

I had planned on being at work at 1:30, but realized my phone was not in my pocket book or my coat pocket or anywhere to be found. I walked around the house with Mishal's phone calling mine trying to hear it ring to no avail. I even went out to the car looking for it. I finally found it on the ground near the mailbox, I guess I dropped it after getting the mail when coming home from work on the 5th. I'm so lucky it did not get run over or rained on.

I completed my year-end evaluation at work. My boss is going to think I have a big head I gave myself such high marks. It took me an hour to complete the evaluations, but I did it after the system went down at the scheduled time, so I got to work 6 hours today. Am looking forward to the time when I work at home.

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