Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a nice service at church this morning as well as doing the Lord's Supper.

Afterwards we went up to Suzan's and went with her to her sister's house to join her family for Easter dinner. After dinner her nephew took a couple of little kids out on the lake in a canoe and they asked me if Alex went if he had to wear a life jacket. I told them it wasn't necessary and that he'd had expreience handling a canoe...afterwards George told me that he could really tell that Alex had handled a canoe before.

I started working on Mishal's floor this morning. The quicker her room is done the quicker I can start working on my room, the quicker my house can be clean and peaceful...and the quicker I can scrap and make cards to my heart's content.

I'm making sure Alex cleans his room every day...hoping to keep it from getting messy.

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