Saturday, December 6, 2008


I fell asleep last night about 8. I was so tired from an emotional day. But then I woke up at 1:15, and was unable to go back to sleep. You see, I'm a week late mailing a swap on, and I couldn't sleep until I was finished with everything. Of course, I'm going to be paying for it tomorrow...make that today. I'm supposed to go to breakfast with Suzan and John, and then make the program for the Christmas program, and then decorate her tree, organize her sewing box, and some other little things. She's going to pay me to do these things, but I can't let it slip to her husband that she's paying me. Right now, I'm about desperate for money for groceries and christmas presents, so I'm willing to keep that a secret. I called a friend last night on my way home and asked him if he knew where I could get some help for Christmas. He's going to loan me $200 which I'll be repaying when my tax refund comes in. I'll go to the pawn shop and get Mishal a new i-pod, and then I'll go to t-mobile and get Alex a new phone. That's going to be their Christmas. I'll get a belt buckle from the scout shop so I can give Alex the leather belt I bought at Boxwell for him. Anyway, I finally got all the chipboard elements made for the swap...but now it's 5:23, and Suzan will be calling any time now, so no use in going to sleep. I should be getting dressed so I'll be ready when she calls. Oh, and another thing I have to do is take Alex to Christ Chapel today to put in service hours for his citizen ship in the community merit badge. He's so lucky to be in Troop 17.

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